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Master the Strategy Lifecycle: Learn how at the ASP Global Virtual Conference May 19-21

Mark your calendars for May 19-21! The Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) has announced its 2021 Virtual Conference lineup, which will focus on the holistic approach to strategy management, exploring the strategy life cycle and the set of interconnected and overlapping activities essential to successfully achieving desired strategic results.

You’ve probably read some articles. Experts tell us the majority of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully, with reports of the failure rate ranging from 50-90%. But why? What went wrong? Was it formulation? Was it errors in execution? Did the strategy lack buy-in? Was the oversight lax or incomplete? Did operational structure and processes get in the way?

The truth is failure in any one of these efforts will undermine and even doom success.

Through keynotes, breakout sessions, deep dive Masterclasses, and programming created by and for key regions around the world, the 2021 Virtual Conference will open your eyes to a broader and deeper understanding of the intersection of all elements of strategy management and equip you with skills, tools and processes you can use to advance your career and your organization's success.

Registration is open now. Visit ASP’s Virtual 2021 Conference site to learn more.

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