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iBossWell announces repeat engagement with Clay County Public Health Center

iBossWell (IBW) is proud to announce a repeat engagement with Clay County Public Health Center, whose mission is “to deliver the essential public health services of prevention, promotion and protection to the communities of Clay County.” IBW is supporting Clay County Public Health Center in Strategy Development, and over the past seven years, has partnered with the organization in numerous engagements: strategic planning; Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) development, reporting and implementation; Board strategic discussions; program services assessment and gap analyses; and gathering stakeholder input. IBW has also worked with Clay County Public Health Center through its membership in the Northland Health Alliance – a group of Clay and Platte County local organizations working together to improve the health and quality of life of residents in the Northland – in collaborative CHA and CHIP development.

Created in 1953 to protect the health of all people in the county, the Clay County Public Health Center is a local public health department implementing population-based prevention programs and services. This community approach to wellness is accomplished through programs and services, which not only prevent the spread of disease but also provide wellness education to empower people to make healthy choices.

The Health Center is staffed with health care professionals who have a wide range of education and experience from both the public and private sector. They routinely attend educational seminars and trainings, to ensure their skill sets keep pace with evolving trends in public health.

The Clay County Public Health Center offers a variety of health education, disease prevention and treatment services to promote good health. Many services are available to everyone, while others are based upon income guidelines and are available to those who are uninsured, underinsured or on Medicaid.

IBW appreciates Clay County Public Health Center’s commitment to empowering all people in Clay County to lead healthier lives!

Learn more about Clay County Public Health Center and the services they offer their community.

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