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iBossWell Announces Engagement with The Association for Community Affiliated Plans

iBossWell (IBW) is proud to announce an engagement with the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) whose mission is “to strengthen not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans in their work to improve the health and well-being of lower-income people and/or people with significant health needs.” IBW is supporting ACAP in strategic planning.

ACAP is a national trade association which represents not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans. Collectively, its plans serve more than twenty million enrollees through Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplaces and other public health coverage programs.

Not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans share a mission to provide high-quality health care to people with low incomes and complex health care needs. These plans steadfastly support the Medicaid program during good times and bad. Safety Net Health Plans partner with federal and state governments, health care providers, community health centers, and other community organizations to identify and fund innovative solutions. Many Safety Net Health Plans have been serving Medicaid enrollees for more than 30 years.

Thank you, ACAP, for working toward a country with accessible, affordable, high-quality care, regardless of income, provided through coordinated care entities.

Learn more about ACAP here.

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