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Association for Strategic Planning’s Strategy Magazine Relaunched: View Latest Issue for Free

This exclusive publication helps executives, strategists, managers and other professionals better formulate, implement, execute, engage and govern strategies.

IBW's Denise McNerney serves on the Advisory board for Strategy Magazine. Denise shares, "I am so excited to see the Association for Strategic Planning relaunching Strategy Magazine! Honoring the legacy created by the Strategic Planning Society, the ASP Strategy Magazine editorial team, led by board member Pierre Hadaya, has done an excellent job curating six outstanding articles that contribute to thought leadership in the field of strategy."

Strategy Magazine is one of the benefits of being a Member of the Association for Strategic Planning, but they are so proud of this latest issue, they decided to make it accessible to everyone for free! Be sure to check out the six outstanding articles that will help YOU enhance your strategic thinking and knowledge.

Click here to download your copy now!

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