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Are You Taking Good Care of Yourself?

When helping others is your primary focus, there doesn’t seem to be much time left for your own self care. How can those serving in the nonprofit and for-purpose space balance their important work with the practice of caring for themselves?

Join IBW consultant Terry Trafton and Dr. Kevin Sansberry in the new year for a three-part series on Culture and Wellness in the workplace, a program of Nonprofit Connect.

The first session is January 14, 2022: Culture and Wellness: Starting with Self. Participants will

  • Take time to breath, reflect, and intentionally ground yourself in a focused way

  • Complete a visioning exercise that builds on what is working

  • Identify toxic stressors both in our work environments and community systems

  • Build healthy boundaries and daily habits such as a morning intention and evening reflection

Kick off 2022 with a healthy focus on YOU.

Take time to breathe, reflect, and intentionally ground yourself in a focused wayster here. e

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