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iBossWell Partners with SchoolSmartKC to Assess Out of School Needs

iBossWell Partners with SchoolSmartKC to Assess Out of School Needs

iBossWell (IBW) is proud of its partnership with SchoolSmartKC (SSKC), having assisted its research to facilitate matching students who are at high risk of underachieving and/or chronic absenteeism to needed social services in a more efficient and effective way.


SSKC works with schools, resource providers and other key stakeholders to empower families, expand the number of quality schools and foster a policy environment for improvement.


Building on current efforts undertaken by SSKC and its partners, SSKC sees an opportunity for greater efficiency, coordination, and accountability, which would enable more students and a greater number of schools to receive the services they need in a timely and effective manner, and would also help school-based personnel more easily connect service providers with students.


IBW’s research was twofold: 1) to identify key issues and possible solutions to address gaps in matching students with critical social services and 2) to assess the potential for scaling recommended solutions. This research will support a programmatic framework for a better system – knowing the greatest needs, what’s working, what’s not working and how best to connect providers and schools to best serve student/family’s needs.


Thank you, SSKC, for your commitment to our kids and our city.


Learn more about our partnership and SSKC’s efforts here.