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iBossWell Announces Engagement with GateWay of Hope

iBossWell Announces Engagement with GateWay of Hope

 iBossWell (IBW) is proud to announce its engagement with GateWay of Hope, whose mission is “Leading women to discover hope, pursue healing and live in wholeness through counseling, coaching and groups.” IBW is supporting GateWay of Hope in its strategic planning.


GateWay of Hope was launched in 2006 to provide safe and confidential counseling and therapy services to women in all situations. No matter how difficult things become, GateWay of Hope believes you can find healing, transform your life, and create a new legacy. The organization aims to provide services and community support that help women rise again in Christ and move forward to positively impact themselves and future generations.


Thank you, GateWay of Hope for helping all women of all ages and backgrounds to heal, grow, and thrive in their lives.


Learn more about how GateWay of Hope is serving women and teens all over the Kansas City area.