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ASP 2022 Global Virtual Conference Features IBW and IBW Client Partner Harvesters

ASP 2022 Global Virtual Conference Features IBW and IBW Client Partner Harvesters

Your organization is likely eager to "get back to normal" or simply determine what the "new normal" is. But with all the disruptions and unpredictability that bombard us today, what does that mean? We need to be adaptable and flexible, living in this ‘right now’ world.


Join iBossWell and register for the 2022 Association for Strategic Planning Global Virtual Conference on May 18-20 – where you can grow your knowledge and skills in strategy management, network with other strategists from around the world and hear from leading strategy experts across multiple sectors on the challenges they have faced with disruption and how they are able to thrive and succeed with their strategy in a ‘right now’ world.


We’re excited this year’s Conference features a session with Valerie Nicholson-Watson, President and CEO of IBW Client Partner, Harvesters – The Community Food Network, and Denise McNerney, IBW Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. In their May 19 session, Strategically Leading the Mission: Feed Hungry People Today and Work to End Hunger Tomorrow,” you’ll learn how an organization under pressure on the frontlines of crisis response was able to fast-track large and complex changes in operations to exponentially grow its service capacity, while simultaneously using pandemic lessons to launch discussion and recalibration of strategy intended to literally change the trajectory of life for those they serve.


A wise man once said, “Leaders must be both microscopic and telescopic, needing both the ability to keep the wheels of an organization turning day to day, and the knack for scanning the horizon to prepare for the future.” The Harvesters experience, meeting the needs of the “right now” while embracing a future focus and the ability to embrace change, embodies this reality, and will focus on several key activities of strategy management:


Strategy Formulation: Learn how Harvesters leaders and staff came together to revise existing strategies and tactics in a pressure-cooker environment and how communication and organizational culture helped Harvesters adapt to crisis. Harvesters’ comprehensive environmental assessment, involving broad and deep feedback from internal and external stakeholders to inform development of its next strategic plan, revealed that while most people in the community recognized Harvesters for work to feed hungry people, very few saw them advancing efforts to end hunger tomorrow. These insights provided “data” helpful to discussion about how to strategically balance the meeting “right now” needs of hungry people with the long-term goal of changing lives and ending hunger tomorrow.


Strategic Transformation: Learn how Harvesters adjusted its structure, capital, workforce, technology and organizational culture to meet community demand and the lessons the organization learned from that experience that are informing its planning for the future.


Strategy Engagement: Learn how the culture inside Harvesters was largely focused on the feeding hungry people, a focus that only grew stronger during Covid. Shifting that culture to thinking more long term and more upstream in terms of addressing root causes of hunger is an explicit part of the conversation and planning process. Harvesters is addressing culture as part of both strategy formulation and ongoing strategy management.


Don’t miss out on the incredible lessons learned from Harvesters’ experience. Register now for the 2022 ASP Global Virtual Conference on May 19 and 20!