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Community Collaborations

Community Collaborations


No single organization can create broad, community-level change on its own. If it takes a village to raise a child, it is increasingly clear that it takes a community of organizations working together to address intractable long-term issues. 


i BossWell recognizes the challenging circumstances unique to community coalitions and appreciates the extraordinary benefits that can be attained through such collaborative efforts. We value the passion to “move the needle” that drives efforts to achieve collective impact and understand the stumbling blocks that can get in the way. The i BossWell team has extensive experience working with health-related organizations and providers and with community-based social service organizations in:

  • Successfully engaging diverse stakeholders in the development of a community collaboration/coalition

  • Gathering and analyzing data to quantify need and identify the gaps a collaboration could fill   

  • Creating effective and equitable governance structures to underpin management of the collaborative and ensure impact

  • Facilitating transparent, balanced discussions to review collaborative efforts/operations and developing consensus-based decisions about changes.

Working with collaborations/coalitions to building evidence-based, data-driven strategies and tactics to position them to achieve the collective impact they seek. These projects can include:

  • Community Needs and Resource Assessment

  • Community Collaboration/Community Coalition Governance Structure Assessment and Planning

  • Community Collaboration/Community Coalition Strategic Planning

Community Health Needs Assessment, Reporting and Planning

Our team has deep experience in researching public health, community demographic, and economic data and in translating this information into formal Community or State Health Needs Assessments and Reports. We are skilled at primary research involving gathering and analyzing stakeholder input and in conducting broad examination of secondary data encompassing national, state and zip code level data on such issues as chronic illness, social determinants of health, behavioral risk factors, mental and behavioral health, etc. This type of analyses deepens understanding of community health needs and informs discussion to define priorities and make decisions about where and how to deploy resources.


When creating a community health needs assessment, providing context so the reader can interpret and understand the data presented is essential. We have extensive experience in finding resources that provide richer insight into the meaning behind the numbers. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure we parse out the nuances of the data collected and make these conversations a centerpiece of the discussion about identifying and prioritizing community health needs.


Learn more about i BossWell's services in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, and its online strategy management tool, WePlanWell.




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Prairie Village, Kansas 66208

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