About iBossWell, Inc.

Denise McNerney SeeChange

iBossWell, Inc. is a leadership and organizational development company working with non-profits, for-profits and government agencies to bring success through greater alignment between strategy, tactics and organizational culture.

Our Mission

Leading organizations to create and implement a focused path, advance culture, and deliver greater impact.

What do we do?

iBosswell, Inc. has been helping clients pursue excellence by aligning their strategy, tactics and organizational culture since 2000. Denise McNerney founded iBossWell after more than 25 years leading business operations and coaching managers in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as multi-organizations/community collaborations and coalitions. The iBossWell team has experience in a variety of industries and organizations – experience valued by our clients.

High Level Planning

Every successful organization needs a clear vision of where it wants to go and a road map to help it get there. The iBossWell strategic planning process delivers clear strategies and tactics tied to real timeframes, budgets and accountabilities that organizations can use to manage plan implementation and performance at every level. iBossWell clients have access to WePlanWell™, a unique on-line system and tool for tracking plan performance. Read more…

High Impact Leadership

The skills and culture of leadership have a powerful impact on performance and success. It all starts at the top. iBossWell offers assessments, retreats, workshops and individual coaching created to help leaders gain and refine the critical skills and competencies they need to lead their organizations to the next level of excellence. Read more…

High Performing Teams and Staff

The ultimate challenge for any leader is finding ways to coordinate the efforts of individuals with differing backgrounds, values and ideas and transforming their individual energies into a single high performing team. iBossWell helps organizations assess team performance, identify areas for growth and improvement, and implement strategies to lead them to exemplary performance. Read more…

Impact Boards

A successful board is one dedicated to achieving excellence. The board of directors must clearly understand and carry out its governance and fiduciary responsibilities. iBossWell offers a range of board assessment and development workshops designed to coach non-profit boards on how to perform their roles most effectively. Read more…

High Impact Plan Tracking & Reporting

Powerful, yet simple to use, WePlanWell streamlines your strategic planning process, improving efficiency at every step. WePlanWell is an intuitive tool designed to help drive the implementation and management of your plan. Developed by a team of strategic planning consultants, WePlanWell is both a comprehensive online strategic planning tool and a powerful strategic performance tool. Read more about WePlanWell.