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11.01.2017 | NEWS Lee Evans Joins iBossWell's Consulting Team
07.06.2017 | EVENTS Who’s at The Table? Board Recruitment Reconsidered, July 19, 2017 at Nonprofit Connect
03.31.2017 | NEWS ASP Conference Registration Discount for IBW "Friends & Family"
03.31.2017 | EVENTS IBW Presents: Spring/Summer 2017
01.25.2017 | NEWS IBW Sponsoring 2017 ED/CEO Program Track at Nonprofit Connect
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Finding the Unicorn: Developing Meaningful Performance Measures
05.12.2017 | Published in the June 2017 issue of The Strategic Edge, Association for Strategic Planning Ask someone who works in a nonprofit organization what they thinkread more
Defining the Board's Role in Strategic Planning
03.31.2017 | As we work with nonprofit organizations around the country, we are reminded again and again that the people sitting around the board table have theread more
Who Are We? The Nonprofit vs. Community Benefit Organization Debate
09.29.2016 | As we work with clients on the development of strategic plans, or toward building stronger, more effective leaders, teams and boards, we are constantly remindedread more
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