Leadership & Organizational Development

Our Integrated Approach

We believe that an integrated approach is the most effective way to develop the leadership and vision needed to take your organization to the next level of success.

High-impact leadership: Leadership Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership skills assessment (read more about The Leadership Circle)
  • Effective communication and leadership skills to ensure appropriate support to all staff in achieving the goals at all levels: corporate, departmental, team and individual
  • Understanding of the change management process
  • ”Straight talk”/Difficult Conversations
  • Creation of a culture of leadership development, where leadership skill development is institutionalized in all employee development, and systems are in place to identify and further develop those with high potential

High Performing Teams

Significant challenges face your teams and their leaders: as your teams are most likely highly interdependent with complex relationships and working toward common goals with imperfectly matched values and different ideas about how they ought to do things. Teams must be able to:

  • Understand the value and components of performing complex tasks requiring a high degree of interdependence and cooperation among group members
  • Identify symptoms of destructive or counterproductive activity
  • Prescribe and initiate actions to move the team toward high performance

High Staff Performance

Understanding and alignment across all staff around the plan, priorities, focus and the teamwork required to effectively accomplish the goals and objectives, including:

  • Individual leadership…taking initiative
  • Understanding of the “big picture” for the office
  • Clear understanding of their individual role and responsibilities in contributing to accomplishment of the plan
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication, team, and technical skills to successfully make their contribution