My Leadership Path©

Our Leadership Development & Coaching Approach

Coaching Goals:

  • Enhance leadership skills based on individual needs
  • Enhance emotional intelligence through accelerated self-awareness and individual coaching
  • Enhance performance of individual’s team through more effective leadership

Process Includes:

  • Broad and deep feedback to leaders regarding their skills, leadership qualities and behaviors through conducting The Leadership Circle Profile® 360 leadership assessment tool. (Click here for more information on The Leadership Circle Profile®.)
  • Development of individualized coaching goals
  • A series of individual coaching sessions. Note: if participant desires, select coaching session(s) could include supervisor or other employee where significant benefit could be gained through “facilitated” conversation.
  • Coaching includes creation and implementation of Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Coaching Program

Professional coaching, customized for you, driven by your needs, and delivered at your convenience. This program provides an ideal learning opportunity for current and future leaders. Work with your personal leadership coach to solve some of those leadership challenges you face. Also, enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness through this individualized approach, which includes a pre in-depth leadership assessment multi-rater instrument, along with professional coaching.

With your leadership coach, you will identify areas for growth and learning, as well as implement new approaches and practices for success as a leader. Your coach will help you negotiate the challenges that arise in your day to day work-life, as well as on your path of growth, and celebrate your achievements with you.

The Leadership Circle Profile® (TLC) in-depth, multi-rater leadership assessment (360°) will be conducted at the beginning of the coaching period. This instrument provides each participant a deep look at how their self-assessment compares to their colleagues’ assessment of their skills and competencies. The results of this assessment offer significant insights for enhancing self-awareness, which then provides rich information for the coaching engagement to embark on the path of self-management and tremendous growth in emotional intelligence.