When Excellence is Your Goal


Excellence results from the right balance of strategy, implementation and organizational culture. iBossWell, Inc. is a leadership and organizational development company that helps foster excellence and success through advancement and greater alignment in each of these critical areas of your organization.

This concept of alignment between vision, tactics, and organizational culture applies not only to individuals within an organization, but it also applies to organizations and teams as a collective entity:

  • Vision encompasses the compelling vision and the high level key strategies/goals and desired outcomes for success.
  • Tactics define the specific action required to achieve your vision and goals.
  • Organizational culture is the environment in which people operate; it is the official and unofficial “way we do things” and way we treat each other. It is woven with the collective core values of the organization.

The model of the Concentric Circles of Excellence illustrates how the organizational culture must be in alignment with vision and tactics to assure optimizing the achievement of execution of those strategies and tactics, and ultimately long-term sustainability and success. Making the PeoplePACT® is one of the ultimate tools to creating and enhancing this alignment.

Our Services: An Integrated Approach

Planning Services (Strategic/Community/Implementation/Performance)

Every successful organization needs a clear vision of where it wants to go and a road map to help it get there. The iBossWell planning process delivers clear strategies and tactics tied to real timeframes, budget and accountabilities that organizations can use to manage implementation and performance at every level.

The iBossWell strategic planning process can be customized to fit your organization’s current needs including:

  • Stakeholder input and feedback
  • Assessment of current organizational status and external environment
  • Visioning and long range strategy development

Implementation Planning: Strategic planning produces a road map for an organization’s development, but the success of the planning process is only as good as the implementation steps outlined in the strategic plan. During the planning process, iBossWell consultants help develop concrete and measurable tactics to help organizations reach their long term goals.

  • Long term goals and objectives
  • Identify accountabilities for tactical actions (responsible parties & timeframes)
  • Implementation plan outlined in WePlanWell™, a unique on-line tool for tracking plan performance

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WePlanWell Tool

Powerful, yet simple to use, WePlanWell™ streamlines your strategic planning process, improving efficiency at every step. WePlanWell is an intuitive tool designed to help drive the implementation and management of your plan. Developed by a team of strategic planning consultants, WePlanWell is both a comprehensive online strategic planning tool and a powerful strategic performance system and tool.

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Board Assessment & Development

A successful non-profit board is one dedicated to achieving excellence. The board of directors must clearly understand and carry out its governance and fiduciary responsibilities. iBossWell offers a range of board assessment and development workshops designed to coach non-profit boards on how to perform their roles most effectively.

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Leadership & Organizational Development

Strategic planning and implementation need to be supported by an organizational culture that fosters leadership and accountability. iBossWell offers services and tools to help organizations build and nurture a culture of high-performance and excellence.

  • Assessments and tools to enhance self-awareness and leadership skills
  • Leadership development through retreats, workshops and coaching
  • Assessment and development to create high performing teams and staff

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Professional coaching customized for you, driven by your needs, and delivered at your convenience. This program provides an ideal learning opportunity for current and future leaders. Work with your personal leadership coach to solve the leadership challenges you face. Also, enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness through this individualized approach, which includes an in-depth leadership assessment multi-rater instrument, along with professional coaching.

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