Hard Evidence is Here: The Case for Strategic Planning and Management

    Denise McNerney and Randall Rollinson recently published a an article in the Forum. Learn more about the ROI of effective strategic planning and strategic plan management for your organization. Read the full article.

    Creating a Culture of Implementation

    A wise man once said, “Begin as you mean to end.” Nowhere is that sentiment more appropriate than in strategic planning. As every strategic planning consultant knows, the success or failure of a plan lies not in its creation, but in its implementation. Therefore consultants must consider how to help clients build a culture of implementation as they build the plan itself. Read the full article as originally published in the ASP Strategic Edge, monthly newsletter, April 2012.

    Strategic Planning Successful Practices in Non-profit Organizations: National Survey Initial Findings

    Review the initial findings of a first-of-its-kind national survey about successful strategic planning practices for non-profit organizations. Read the full study.

    Strategic Plan Development & Implementation: Oversight Policy and Process

    Important things to consider when developing oversight policy and process for plan implementation. Read the full article.

    Refocusing: Clarity Brings Extraordinary Growth

    How strategic planning helped The Family Conservancy narrow its services. Read the full article in the Nonprofit Director, 2010.

    Building Performance and Trust During Troubled Times

    Two simple tips on how organizations can stay focused, improve performance and build trust. Read the full article in the Human Resources IQ, from February of 2010.