Lee Evans Joins iBossWell’s Consulting Team

Lee Evans, former dean of the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy, is joining the consulting team at iBossWell, Inc. Dr. Evans will bring the lessons and insights gained through 44 years of experience as a faculty member, college administrator, and CEO Dean to his new role as a consultant offering coaching and professional development support to leaders in academic administration.

“One thing I discovered during my career, the higher you go in academic administration, the fewer people there are to talk to about the issues or opportunities you face,” Evans said. “Traditionally there’s not been a lot of support or mentoring offered to people in academic leadership. I felt that gap over the years in my career. My personal utilization of a coach was always helpful. Becoming a part of the consulting team at iBossWell gives me a chance to provide academic leaders what I looked for: an impartial sounding board, a mentor to talk through critical issues and goals, and an advisor who expands understanding of what leadership means and then helps enhance leadership skills.” Dr. Evans was recently certified in The Leadership Circle’s 360 Assessment process. “I completed a 360 assessment as part of the certification. It helped me identify aspects of my personal leadership style that served me well, as well as those that likely made me less effective,” he said. “The coaching I received post-assessment revealed pragmatic ideas for working with my personal leadership style to make it more effective. It was an enlightening experience and one that I think will deepen the insight I can bring to my work with academic leaders.”

Denise McNerney, CEO of iBossWell, Inc. said the decision to add Dr. Evans to the consulting team was an easy one. “Lee is a visionary leader. His career has been conducted in parallel with seismic change in health care, which means he’s spent a lot of time thinking about the future of pharmacy and the adaptations colleges of pharmacy have to make to ensure students are appropriately prepared. He’s a change agent who understands the challenges inherent in a role where the dean may be the admiral of the fleet, yet every faculty member is also the captain of their own independent ship. We think his combination of future focus and hard won experience will make him an appealing resource to other academic leaders. I know he will be a valuable addition to the work the iBossWell team does to develop leaders, teams, and organizational culture, and a great support to our strategic planning efforts.”

Dr. Evans recently retired as dean of the school of pharmacy at Auburn University, a position he held for 23 years. Prior to he spent 19 years at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he taught and served as chairman of the Division of Pharmacy Practice. During his long and distinguished career, Dr. Evans has held numerous positions in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, including Chair of Council of Deans. He has presented papers and workshops on topics ranging from best practices in medication use and management to envisioning and preparing for the future of the pharmacy profession at conferences and workshops across the country.

For more information about the coaching and professional development support Lee Evans can provide, contact: contact@ibosswell.com

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