(Koff, Koff) A WePlanWell Humblebrag

(Koff, Koff) A WePlanWell Humblebrag

We love it when the work we do with clients results in them receiving positive recognition. The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, based in Olathe, Kansas recently received high praise from the national Public Health Accreditation Board’s Site Visit Team. These intensive site visits, conducted by experts in the public health field, are an essential step in the accreditation process and, let’s be honest, they’re a little nerve-wracking. So, a positive report is a good thing. One that hands out compliments is even better! Here’s what the team said:

“JCDHE in some ways may have a model performance management system. Based on its strategic plan, performance measures were developed, a monitoring system was created, and a structural system for reviewing the data and discussions for improvement occurs.”

Well! And what is the plan monitoring system JCDHE is using? Yes, it is indeed WePlanWell® and the routine periodic assessment and reporting process they have implemented for ongoing plan oversight.

We couldn’t agree more. WePlanWell® is a model for a simple, yet effective method of assessing and reporting on strategic plan progress, not just for health departments, but for nonprofit and government organizations of all sizes.

What model are you using? Let us show you how WePlanWell® can help you take your organization to new levels of strategic plan success. Visit www.weplanwell.com to learn more.

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