IBW Presents: Workshops at the AFP Leadership Academy

Join IBW CEO Denise McNerney in Portland, OR this October for two thought-provoking workshops at the 10th annual Leadership Academy hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

From Intention to Impact: Mission-Aligned Strategic Thinking and Leadership
It’s easy to fall prey to mission creep, or to be distracted by the next shiny new thing, especially in fundraising. This workshop will address how to lead in alignment with an organization’s mission, and with a compelling vision and focus. The workshop will provide tips and insights for developing successful strategic thinking, leadership and influence. It will also make the case for developing and implementing focused strategies in both fundraising and for the overall direction of the organization.

Leading without Authority
One of the greatest challenges a fundraiser faces is the dilemma of needing to influence and persuade others to support fundraising efforts in situations where they have little authority or no leadership position over the people they are trying to engage. As nonprofit organizations continue to flatten their structures, more employees are finding themselves in positions where they are leading teams or projects without direct authority over the other staff members involved. Leading without authority may seem impossible, but it happens every day. Learn how in this workshop that will focus on skills and techniques participants can use to help them become successful leaders and influencers in their organizations regardless of role or title.

To learn more about these workshops and the Leadership Academy visit the AFP website for details.

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