Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

No two organizations are alike. Different people, structures, and organizational cultures require more than just a “cookie cutter” approach to organizational development. iBossWell, Inc. works with each client to determine the best way to move forward in the pursuit of excellence. When we meet a new client, we ask lots of questions and do a lot of listening. This helps us identify the current state of the organization’s development and recommend an approach that will address their most pressing needs. Learn more about our approach.

News & Activity

    Lee Evans Joins iBossWell’s Consulting Team
    ”11.1.2017 Lee Evans, former dean of the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy, is joining the consulting team at iBossWell, Inc. Dr. Evans will bring the lessons and insights gained through 44 years of experience as a faculty member, college administrator, […] Read More

    ASP Conference Registration Discount for IBW “Friends & Family”
    ”3.31.2017 iBossWell is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the 2017 Association for Strategic Planning Annual Conference being held in Toronto, Canada May 24-26. The conference is a premiere international gathering of strategists and features a powerhouse line-up of workshops […] Read More

    IBW Sponsoring 2017 ED/CEO Program Track at Nonprofit Connect
    ”1.25.2017 iBossWell is pleased to be the underwriting sponsor of the 2017 Executive Director/CEO Program Track offered by Nonprofit Connect. This educational track provides multiple opportunities for industry executives to come together throughout the year to discuss and learn more about […] Read More

    Celebrating Good Work Being Done by Our NP Friends
    ”1.4.2017 It’s a great day when you open the newspaper and see wonderful stories about friends. The Newsmax news and opinion website recognized our client Happy Bottoms as one of the Top 50 charities in the country that celebrate American values […] Read More

    IBW Presents: Workshops at the AFP Leadership Academy
    ”9.2.2016 Join IBW CEO Denise McNerney in Portland, OR this October for two thought-provoking workshops at the 10th annual Leadership Academy hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. From Intention to Impact: Mission-Aligned Strategic Thinking and Leadership It’s easy to fall […] Read More

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  • “Six or seven years ago, you helped us develop an organizational framework to guide us toward an unknown future. The future is still as unknown as ever, but the framework has helped us immensely to know where we are trying to go and whether we are making progress in getting there. And that’s worth a lot. “

    Elizabeth Richardson Center, Springdale, AR

  • “Thanks for continuing to invest in improvements to this terrific system. We look forward to continuing to refine and gain more experience with the tool.”

    American Pharmacists Association

  • “Thanks so much for your energy, enthusiasm and quality of effort that went into your work for ACCP at the Executive Committee meeting and the Board meeting today. The most common remark that I heard from Board Members was that “this is really good, and it’s just what we needed.”

    American College of Clinical Pharmacology, Rockville, MD

  • “It would not have been nearly as successful without your leadership and continued reinforcement of the importance of alignment between strategy/tactics/culture AND leadership!!!”

    FDA Office of Clinical Pharmacology

  • “I’ve seen few facilitators so effective in managing large, diversely skilled groups. You did an amazing job of handling the process. I know you’ve made a wonderful contribution to this group.”

    Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City

  • “The retreat developed brilliantly over the 3 days & your input was vital. The highlight was clearly this session on conflict resolution as by then the group had bonded together in a nice way & could come to terms with some serious issues that were hiding under the surface.”


  • “This was our best board retreat ever. I thought there was good participation and give and take, that everyone seemed connected and energized for supporting the organization. I believe they all left the meeting with more energy than when they started, which is my primary criteria for the success of a board retreat.”

    Elizabeth Richardson Center, Bentonville, AR

  • “You’re doing a great job with a highly-spirited AND diverse group. We seem to be coming from 2 different directions… you are making both ends meet in the middle. Just keep keeping us on track.”

    Kansas City Jewish Museum

  • “As always, your interventions and instructions were right on target, and they voiced a growing appreciation for the value you have added to us. Literally, we would not be nearly where we are if not for your consultation and encouragement over the past three to four years.”

    Elizabeth Richardson Center, Bentonville, AR

  • “Thank you so much for listening and coaching me today. You were very helpful and gave me some new insights!! I’ve not had an opportunity like this in the past – its motivated me to read and try out some new approaches. Thanks for caring. Wish me luck!”

    Senior Manager, Center for Disease Control, U.S. Government

  • “I am very grateful for the work that you have done with me as Executive Director/CEO and the overall staff team. Your coaching has increased my self-awareness and provided me with guidance and tools to do things in a different way. I have eased up on my perfectionist tendencies and have celebrated accomplishments and successes while still learning and growing from challenges. All very good. Finally, the team has benefited from your coaching, professional development work with the group such as the communications style and finally the strategic plan.”

    CEO of a National Credentialing Organization

  • “The greatest value WePlanWell brings is that the plan is now a living document. It’s accessible to multiple people, which makes sharing information about where we stand on implementation very transparent. Because we’re CARF accredited, the assessment and reporting functions are vital. Before WePlanWell, we’d spend hours assessing and documenting progress and activity, now we can do an assessment and immediately print out a color-coded dashboard report. It’s like this giant speed bump has been removed from our path. And because we’re doing these assessments at least quarterly, and have this snapshot of how we’re performing, we can identify issues or problems and implement changes quickly. The tool is so easy to use we can focus on implementing the plan and not on the clerical tasks of documenting and updating it.”

    Elizabeth Richardson Center/Social Services

  • “As we continue to expand our Board of Directors at HappyBottoms one of the best recruiting tools we have is to share our Strategic Plan in WePlanWell. Not only does it help the prospective Board Member know what we hope to do it shows how we track our progress every quarter.”

    Happy Bottoms

  • “Literally, we would not be nearly where we are if not for your consultation and encouragement over the past four years. Organizationally, we are in the best shape we have been in since I have been here.”

    Elizabeth Richardson Center/Social Services

  • “It amazes me how you can take mountains of information and bring it all together in a clear concise report.”

    The Family Conservancy, Social Services/Early Childhood Education

  • I am quite blown away by the amount of work we were able to accomplish, the quality and pace of your presentation, and I’m really happy about where we are positioned now that we’ve identified the major “rocks” in our Strategic Plan.

    CASA, Northwest Arkansas

  • “A powerful lesson we learned from the strategic planning process was not to try to be ‘all things to all people, The strategic planning process helped us identify who we wanted to be. It not only enabled us to rename ourselves and prepared us to celebrate our 125th anniversary but also it later helped us refine our core competencies. Really what occurred was a culture change. Through a highly involved process of working with staff from the agency and our Board, we have weathered the economic downturn and stayed focused.”

    The Family Conservancy, Kansas City, KS